Hakka Multi-Functional 20 LB Commercial Potato Peeler and Washer
Spacious Interior-You can load up to 20 lb. of unpeeled potatoes every time. This commercial peeler can peeling large quantities of potatoes 365 lb per hour. Adjustable Timer-It features a synchronous 4-minute timer that is adjustable for any increments from...
$1,883.99 $1,448.99
Hakka Multi-Functional 27 LB Capacity Commercial Potato Peeler and Washer
Model: HLP-20 (Volume: 27lbs) Power: 950W Voltage Available: 110V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz Volume: 27 lbs Output Capacity: 420 lbs/h (190kg/h) Size: 53.6×67.6×127.3cm (21.1×26.6×50.1 in) Features: Durable Construction-This potato peeler is constructed of seam-welded, polished stainless steel, which adds impressive durability while remaining...
$2,469.99 $1,999.99
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